Photo Credit: @hbgoodie

I'm a family, lifestyle, and nature photographer based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Trading tumbleweeds for palm trees, I moved to Oahu from Lancaster, California, 8 years ago. Armed with a career in advertising and a passion for photography I am natrually drawn to the feeling of a good aesthetic.

I find my inspiration outside in nature. It's what continues to influence my work whether I'm gardening, painting or taking photos. The way these islands makes me feel is something that can't be explained simply. It’s everything. The colors at sunset, the water gently brushing your toes in the sand, a surprise rainbow across the sky.. needless to say, I love Hawaii and the happiness it brings and I hope to bring that happiness to you.


Successful brands are built around a story

I can help tell yours through your very own brand photography and visual identity. When it comes to brand photography you don't just need a photographer you need someone who is able to work with you to identify your strengths and goals as a brand and bring that feeling to life! I bring 5 years of experience in advertising and marketing and a whole lot of lessons learned!

My goal will never be to JUST take photos and send them off but to work towards identifying your target audience, visual identity and brand story. Together we nail down your business problems, content strategy and marketing goals and build out your very own exclusive stock library. Whether you need photos for your online store, blog or social media these images are yours and can be used across any medium.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking I offer free business consultations to walk through my process and get a better idea of your specific needs!